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Yesterday, I gave a talk at our Thursday security Webinar about data security for SMB (small to mid-sized businesses).

I’ve been thinking about DLP solutions for SMB for a couple of years now; the market didn’t seem mature or perhaps SMB customer awareness was low, but with the continued wave of data security breaches, everyone is aware.  The DLP vendors like Verdasys, Fidelis and Vontu (now Symantec) have focused traditionally on Global 1000 companies, but Infowatch is now preparing a product specifically tailored for the SMB market business requirements and pocket.  There are about 10 million SMBs in the world so this would be appear to be a fertile market for both attackers and defenders.

The presentation: data security for SMB – discusses data security priorities for a SMB. cultural differences between Americans and Europeans and how to set an approved usage policy and enforce it with good general management and DLP “Light” technology.

Back in July, I wrote about DLP solutions for SMB – Data loss for SME – “Is an SMB like the old German expression – Kleine Kinder kleine Sorgen, große Kinder große Sorgen? “Small children, small problems, big children, big problems”? Most SMBs rely on standard desktop anti-virus and firewall appliances for all their information security needs – but the problem with firewall/anti-virus/anti-spam is that they are defensive means against known signatures rather than proactive means of mitigating the next attack launched from inside the network.

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