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I usually write about best practices and practical tools to prevent data theft, data loss and data leakage – since our professional services focus on data security in Central and Eastern Europe. Data security is, I guess a sub-specialty of security and compliance.

Security is chartered with ensuring the survival of a business and protecting it’s capability¬† to generate value for customers and share holders. The most effective security organizations¬† are integrated for enterprise protection of physical, information, system and employee assets.

But – I was reminded today that data security is not just about data loss prevention – it’s about ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in all 4 realms – physical, information, systems and employees.

From on article an MedScape today:

Fewer than half of the clinical trials reported in high-impact-factor journals are adequately registered, while nearly a third show “some evidence of selective outcome reporting,” according to research published September 2 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Selective outcome reporting – is a data security violation, tampering with the integrity of the data.

Only this time – it’s human lives not credit cards.


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