Clear and present danger – on a bike.

Flask Data provides a one-stop cloud subscription for EDC, data management and statistics.

Walking down the street this afternoon – I could not believe my eyes.

I see this  bike streak by down the main street.

A father riding a bike (with a helmet) and baby in back seat (with helmet) – talking on a cell phone.

Now That’s Foolish and Dangerous.

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Flask Data is a technology company with a strong people focus. We are a diverse group of computer scientists and clinical operations specialists based in Israel, the US and India. We are accomplished at providing our customers with the most effective way to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety. There is no single solution that works for every clinical trial. We work hard to understand your unique situation. We work with your team to develop the best solution to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety the same day you engage with patients.

Flask Data – same data data and safety solutions for clinical trials.

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