The threat behind the House Tri-Committee Bill on Health Care

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Federal Healthcare Chart

Don’t ask me why, but I was invited (and joined) the Pakistan Networkers group on LinkedIn.  I see all kinds of cool job opportunities in the Emirates which I can’t really take but the traffic is interesting.

I saw this picture in a post today from the Pakistan Networkers group. It graphically describes the complexity of ObamaCare:  the Obama health care reform bill.   I then sat down and started to learn more about this proposed solution to the US health care system that will cost over a trillion dollars in the next 10 years.

The Obama Health plan and the problems the administration is currently facing getting it through Congress is second page news here in Israel (front pages this weekend in Israeli papers are how Obama and Rahm are throwing their weight around and dictating to the Jews where they can live and not live….)

I started reading about the House Tri-committee Health Care bill and my eyes started popping at the cost and complexity of the proposal. I then read the response of the Mayo Clinic – Mayo Clinic’s reaction to House Tri-Committee bill and I finally realized that just like in Cyber Security and data loss prevention – the Obama administration is more interested in compliance and big government than customers and health, safety and security.

I’ve been arguing for basing data security product purchasing decisions on value at risk and cost-effectiveness of the DLP product in reducing the value at risk of a data breach. Therefore, it is  obvious to me that the notion of a value-based decision is an important cornerstone in redefining health care – see a discussion on pay for value in health care in the open letter to congress

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