What is a DLP solution?

Flask Data provides a one-stop cloud subscription for EDC, data management and statistics.

dilbert paradigm

These days everyone has a DLP solution – it’s like a Dilbert cartoon.

The latest and definitely most effective DLP product is – you guessed it – the venerable Cheyenne Arcserve Backup. I got this in the email today.


IT Problem:
IT managers are expected to withstand a wide range of data threats and recover from them quickly and completely. They need a comprehensive data loss prevention plan that can deliver advanced security and centralized management to improve efficiency and overall protection.

CA ARCserve(R) Backup offers enterprise-class data protection for distributed servers, databases and applications. This easy-to-use tool provides data integrity and availability in many environments, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, NetWare, Mac OS, and mainframe Linux.

Ten years ago when I was running Bynet Software systems – we represented the original Cheyenne Arcserver Backup for Netware – they were playing catchup up and had just released a version that ran on Windows NT 3.51. Yuda Doron, who was CEO of Cheyenne at the time, came to visit his friend Yehuda Zisapel in Israel and popped over to say hello. He brought me a copy of the Cheyenne Bitware fax program – it loaded on a single 3 1/2″ floppy. BOY – those were the days before bloatware and before CA bought Cheyenne.   In the meantime – we started representing Seagate Software Backup Exec – which was a killer product with a future and put Arcserve to shame.
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