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I am on an email distribution list from the Israeli Export Institute for Israeli software and security companies. The Export Institute is organizing an event for Protecting Critical Infrastructure – the event is slated to take place Brandenburg, in Berlin-Schönefeld, 18 – 20 May 2009. I liked the use of standard security market-speak to describe the opportunity – from the following, it appears that the German market doesn’t view data loss and trusted insider threats as their top priority:

New studies estimate the size of the German IT Security market at around 5 billion Euros, and expect market size to double in the next 5 years. German security managers consider attacks on their companies’ IT Security and internet-related crime to be the most serious security threats to their businesses.

The objective of the event is to expose the growing and dynamic Critical Infrastructure market in Germany to Israeli IT Security solutions and to arrange one on one business meetings between Israeli and German parties.
The target market in Germany is such as operators of critical infrastructures large airports e.g. Berlin and Frankfurt; Transportation & Logistics providers e.g. DHL, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn; Chemical industry e.g. BASF, Bayer and Energy e.g. RWE, e.on companies; State Law Enforcement bodies e.g. Federal Criminal Police, Border Police, Federal intelligence Service; Financial Institutions : Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Telecom companies e.g Deutsche Telekom, other enterprises and also system integrators e.g. T-Systems,Siemens, Secunet.

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