Better physical security with more eyeballs

Big companies have lobbies and receptionists. They may have many visitors during the day not to mention messengers from FedEx, DHL, TNT, Poczta etc.

A DHL courier recently visited the offices of a client to pick up a package.  He walked in, picked up 5 expensive mobile computers and notebooks, put them in the pouch and walked out.

In China and Taiwan – culturally – a white face is always trusted, in Israel, Turkey and Rome – everyone are friends. In Poland – recipients defer to guests and may be intimidated by non-Polish speakers.

But – people are not always what the seem.

Here are 3 simple steps to improve your physical security that do not involve advanced technology – only the power of the people you already have.

1. Every visitor is escorted by his/her host in and out of the building. It’s a way of ensuring that people get to the right destination and leave from the right. It also makes people feel good.

2. When the receptionist asks the visitor where they are going and who they are visiting – tell them to watch their eye reaction. If the person seems nervous or doesn’t know the names of host and/or department – have them update the host – discreetly with a phone call.

3. Instruct all employees to go up to strangers in the lobby who are waiting,  or walking around and ask them if they need assistance.   It will help visitors get to the right place and also make them feel good.

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