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The newspapers this morning online and print, had a number of items citing how Obama won in the social networking space – au contraire – Obama won the election because he sold Americans a message of hope, even if it was modeled on a character from the TV Series “24”,

The majority of Americans are not wired like us high-tech geeks – but TV and cell phones are something that everything watches and uses.

Next week, in the U.K. and Australia; Hutchison will launch a new 3G cell phone with social networking applications. The phone is produced by the new Hutchison mobile device subsidiary INQ Mobile.

The new  handset is supposedly a new product category of  “low-cost social mobile” devices that make applications like Facebook as easy to use as SMS texting.   The key to stimulating more usage of mobile data subscribers is to reduce the cost to the operator and provide easy-to-use applications.   Cellular operators, having already made large CapEx investments in the 3G infrastructure need to drive data usage into all users, not just the 15% that use smart phones today.

Using a smart phone for social networking raises some interesting security questions. If you could be anonymous online, it will now be easier to track down the exact identity or even physical location of that hot-looking woman you are chatting with.  A cellphone number is more exact than a geographic lookup of an IP address.

For the full article see: Hutchison preps Facebook Phone Launch

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