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This week, I met with one of my former clients who have done some innovative work in the digital media space.  They are a typical tech company  with typical problems  that create  typical opportunities for larger companies to buy them out for peanuts. This particular company operates in a difficult and competitive market with long sales cycles and a complex eco-system of publishers, vendors, resellers and systems integrators.

The textbooks all talk about focus, and even though the client recognizes that their main market is  in developing countries – they are dabbling in various projects and trying to sell into other market segments.   The problem is they don’t know how to go from point A to point B and they never will.

Venture capitalists look for the WOW factor, big market and sales cycles that run quickly for new ventures seek funding.

If you are a manager in a tech company in trouble – stop for moment, fire yourself from your job and start asking VC-style questions. Maybe you do  have a big market, but you’ve lost sight of the WOW factor going into those long messy sales cycles. Look for some of these symptoms in your company:

  • Managers that need outside consultants to tell them what time it is. It’s not uncommon for expensive organizational consultants to prey on companies in trouble.
  • Key people (like product managers) are marking time and not taking initiatives
  • Team members put off project status meetings.
  • Employee discussions  generate more complaints about the company’s situation, than active decisions.
  • Employees spend more time on office politics then planning and executing solutions of going from point A to point B.
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Flask Data is a technology company with a strong people focus. We are a diverse group of computer scientists and clinical operations specialists based in Israel, the US and India. We are accomplished at providing our customers with the most effective way to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety. There is no single solution that works for every clinical trial. We work hard to understand your unique situation. We work with your team to develop the best solution to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety the same day you engage with patients.

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